Here's the answers to some of our frequently asked questions

What if I don’t know what car to buy?
By talking to one of our automotive experts you will be talked through all of the options within your price range, covering everything from running costs to storage space.


What if I want optional extras?
Your personal automotive consultant will ask about your lifestyle, and from there they can tell you what options are available for each vehicle, how much they cost, as well as any other technical information.


What if I don’t have time to pick my new car up?
We can have your brand new car delivered to an address of your choosing. You don’t need to leave your house or work office. We’ll even throw in a free tank of fuel.


What makes your service different?
The best thing about Best Vehicle Loans is that we take the time to explain all of the car make and model options to you without being tied or devoted to one particular brand. You need the car that’s best for you.


Will my new vehicle come with warranty?
Like every brand new vehicle, your car will be covered by the full manufacturer warranty. In some cases, you can access an extended warranty if you’re taking out a novated lease or if you continue to service your vehicle with the dealer where Best Vehicle Loans sourced the car.


What if my brand-new car has problems?
The benefit of buying your brand-new car through Best Vehicle Loans is that we take our customer service very seriously. Because we move so many cars the power sits with us. Think of it as ‘special treatment’ purely because we provide the dealers with so much work. If the problem isn’t solved at the dealer level, we will take it up with the manufacturer on your behalf.


Can I use cash or do a bank transfer to pay for my new vehicle?
Yes. You don’t need to obtain finance through our lending team to take advantage of Best Vehicle Loans’ list of services. If you don’t require assistance with finance, we’ll still help you find the vehicle you want at the very lowest price.


What if I want to buy more than one car through Best Vehicle Loans?
When you buy more than one vehicle at a time you increase your buying power and qualify for some significant savings. For instance, if you’re after two hatchbacks of the same make, we can better negotiate on your behalf.

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