Best Finance & Vehicle Price

Best Finance & Vehicle Price

We can offer our clients brand-new cars at discounted rates thanks to our buying power

We buy cars on behalf of our clients everyday of the week at rates that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Couple our dealer discounts with comparing more than 20 lenders for the best finance and you could potentially save yourself thousands between the two.

Our initial finance and vehicle quoting service is obligation free and will not register on your credit file.

Here’s how it works:

1. We compare offers from more than 20 lenders to find the best loan that suits you
2. We’ll present you with the best lender who can offer you the best terms and lowest repayment
3. You tell us what new vehicle you want and we’ll get you the best price
4. We could save you thousands and you could be driving your new vehicle sooner than you think

By using our service you will know you’re paying the lowest price for your new vehicle, as well as having compared more than 20 of the best lenders operating in Australia – which includes Australia’s big four banks.

Using our vehicle buying service also means you don’t have to step foot into dealership, which can often take you all day or all weekend just to be told the same thing at every stop – that you’re ‘getting the best deal’. This is why it pays to compare.

Let us give you an obligation-free quote on both finance and the brand-new vehicle you want – we do all the haggling with the banks, dealerships/fleet departments and present you with the savings. We can even have your new vehicle delivered to your front door full of fuel.

Why choose us?

– We will find you the best vehicle price
– Our panel of lenders understand automotive finance
– You won’t have to lift a finger. We do all the work

Compare us. Ask us questions. Put us to the test. Our aim is to help Australian motorists find real savings. Because owning a brand-new car is one of life’s great experiences.

* We found the above savings by comparing our average vehicle discount versus the full retail drive away price of each particular make and model, as well as comparing the weekly repayment difference between the cheapest lender and an average of the four next best lenders in our system (over the life of the loan). The loan amount was based on: brand-new vehicle; personal consumer loan; 60 month (five year) loan term; home owner; zero balloon with financed fees.