About Us

About us

Best Vehicle Loans is a leading vehicle finance service in Australia

We set ourselves apart from the competition with our expertise in everything automotive and our ability to service any industry’s automotive needs, from domestic cars and luxury vehicles, to vans, trucks and tractors.

At Best Vehicle Loans we help our clients find the best loan for them, comparing the services of over 20 lenders.

Best Vehicle Loans is made up of a team of automotive experts, from various fields in the automotive industry, including marketing, sales, legal and journalism.

As part of the New Vehicle Group Pty Ltd family, Best Vehicle Loans is supported by New Vehicle Buyer – a news and reviews website, devoted to providing detailed and up-to-date advice and specifications on new vehicles released in Australia, and also around the world.

Even though we are big enough to be supported by the largest financial institutions in the country, we are committed to maintaining a personal and high level of customer service you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re looking for a loan for that new car you deserve, send us a quote request. There is no obligation and you have nothing to lose. We look forward to working for you to find the best deal available.

Please head over to our Contact Us page if you have any questions you’d like to ask.